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Awareness Raising Webinar for National Biosecurity Stakeholders: Biosecurity - Concept, Institutional and Regulatory Framework

2 day awareness raising webinar on basic concepts in the field of biosecurity and specific topics such as biosecurity incidents and insider threat, international regulatory framework as well as national best practices in the area.


  1. To raise awareness about the concept of biosecurity and its relation to the linked concepts of biosafety, dual-use and biorisk management.

  2. To increase knowledge of specific biosecurity topics such as self-regulatory biosecurity initiatives, threat assessment, biosecurity incidents and insider threat.

  3. To bring to the attention challenges related to biosecurity and approaches to assess weaknesses of a national system, those being preconditions for a sustainable and efficient biosecurity regime, either when newly established or when being enhanced and strengthened.


Webinar on the safety and security interface including emergency preparedness for radiation sources at facilities

4 day webinar on safety and security interfaces, including emergency preparedness and response.


  1. To provide a broad overview of the most important concepts and topics on safety and security of radioactive sources, for the participants to gain essential knowledge and understanding in relation to the set-up of a security and safety interface at radiological facilities.

  2. To understand the fundamental principles and essential elements which govern both safety and security of radioactive sources, the interfaces between safety and security of radioactive sources, the regulatory control for safety and security, security management and threat assessment, as well as the goals, and the elements needed for establishing preparedness and response arrangements for emergencies with radioactive sources.

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Webinar on the chemical substance risks and their minimisation

2 day webinar on Chemical substance risks and their minimisation.


  1. To provide a broad overview of the most important concepts and topics on risk related to production, use, storage and transportation of dangerous chemical material, the risks posed by dangerous chemicals, and how to minimize them.

  2. To understand the fundamental principles, the regulatory framework for chemical materials, and the main elements related to preparedness and response for emergencies with dangerous chemicals.

  3. To provide examples of lessons learned from accidental events that happened in the past.

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