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Who We Are

High level of expertise, efficiency and customer centric solutions

ENCO is a dedicated Nuclear safety and CBRN-E security Consultancy that was established in 1994, with the purpose to provide customer centric, innovative solutions. ENCO is not affiliated with any government or vendor, thus, is able to offer bespoke advice specifically tailored to the customers’ needs.

Our range of services covers NPP regulations and legislations, safety and security, specialized project management, due diligence for nuclear facilities, environmental safety and energy mix projections.

Over the years we have established working relationships with many high competence professionals and created a global network of expertise. In this context, we can provide the most versatile competences to fully cover all needs related to nuclear and radiological safety and security, CBRN related matters. We have a pool of experts capable to work in many languages.
This website is intended as an introduction to the work and capabilities of ENCO. We hope it will be of interest to potential clients whose needs for professional assistance match the range of our skills and services, as well as for potential collaborators who may be interested in creating working partnerships with us on future projects.

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Our Strengths

  • Completely Independent from Vendors & Governments

  • Customer Oriented, while Offering Cutting Edge Solutions

  • Resourceful, Efficient & Innovative

  • Flexible, Constantly Evolving & Developing its Expertise & Capabilities

  • Analytical Capabilities in all Nuclear Sector Areas

  • Rigorous Management System, ISO 9001 certified since 1997

  • Environmental Quality Certification ISO 14001 certified since 2012

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