Independent safety and security expertise

ENCO is boutique consultancy providing specialised services on nuclear
power and CBRN topics to both government and industry


  • Completely independent from vendors and governments
  • Customer oriented, while offering cutting edge solutions
  • Resourceful, efficient and innovative
  • Flexible, constantly evolving and developing its expertise and capabilities
  • Rigorous management system, ISO 9001 certified since 1997
  • QA system compliant with Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA1) in accordance with the US 10 CFR 50
  • Environmental Quality certification ISO 14001:2004

Enco History

ENCO was founded in 1994 by former leading experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). From its initiation, ENCO provided its services in the field of nuclear safety, nuclear operation and technical support. Among the clients are operators, regulators, power plant designers/vendors, utilities and international organizations with interest in promoting and assuring the safe and secure utilization of nuclear power and radioactive isotopes for peaceful purposes. ENCO also provides advisory and project management services to international institutions supporting
nuclear safety and security improvements in Europe and around the world.

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