Waste solutions

ENCO RAW experts are familiar with the most comprehensive
waste solutions currently available

Radioactive waste management is a major part and concern for facilities using radioactive isotopes. With increased technological advancements, higher awareness is being placed on finding adequate and appropriate solutions for RAW management regardless whether high, medium or low level waste. Since the generation of waste is such a sensitive issue and the proper removal, storage and disposal is a key objective, finding economic and safe solutions for RAW management is of major importance.

ENCO has since its establishment been highly involved in RAW management from all facets, namely construction of storage facilities, licensing, national RAW management strategies and so forth. Within the core team there are several highly renowned RAW experts who are familiar with the most comprehensive waste solutions currently available.

Additionally, ENCO has participated in finding orphan sources and disposing thereof effectively. This has been of particular emphasis in the Balkan region as well as dealing within institutional and legacy waste. 


  • Licensing
  • Waste acceptance criteria
  • Storage & disposal solutions
  • Construction of facilities
  • National RAW management strategies
  • Waste minimization
  • Legacy waste

Having an international team the current best practices in waste management and various types of strategies and disposal solutions are known and have been implemented in numerous countries worldwide. ENCO is fully aware that the question of waste is not only an economic one, but involves social responsibility. ENCO has the environmental management certification ISO 14001:2004 and is known for its high level of social responsibility, environmental consciousness and mission to ensure the safety of the population and environment from unnecessary radiation exposure.