ENCO provides services worldwide

In the past decade there has been a paradigm shift in terms of the role and importance of security to strategic industries and critical infrastructure. As ENCO is always evolving to provide the best solutions for its clients we have over the years developed mechanisms, approaches and techniques for this segment of the market.

Within its capacity ENCO provides tailored services to clients globally – one to one consulting on security implications, security assessments and evaluations, suggestions for improvement of overall or targeted security. Including but not limited to working on security regulations on the EU level, security of radioactive sources, NPPs and other high risk facilities.


  • Security evaluations
  • Full scope security assessment
  • Unique vulnerabilities tests and consequent mitigation measures
  • Security self-assessment tests for high risk facilities
  • Development of security regulations
  • Training of managers and other high level staff on security culture
  • Insider threat
  • Illicit trafficking

Effective security is becoming more and more of an issue especially considering events on the global scale. Non-state actors are becoming an ever increasing threat to strategic and high risk facilities. ENCO helps its clients keep up with the most modern security methods and provides out of the box approaches with strategic and sustainable foresight. Offering the most dedicated consulting services and treating each client and situation as unique are the best recipes to ensure successful and long-lasting results and cooperation.

ENCO is able to pull from its pool of highly skilled experts who are leading figures in the industry and have held prime positions in safeguards, NPP security, security regulators and key legal advisors. This unique and highly customized team in conjunction with targeted project management, facilitates proven solutions and approaches that are truly effective.