There are many other facilities apart from the nuclear fuel cycle which have radioactive sources requiring various types of services to ensure safe and secure handling. Research reactors which do contain nuclear materials require different types of services and maintenance in order to fulfill their desired purposes. ENCO has carried out various consultancy services ranging from regulatory aspects, to training, studies and safety assessments for research reactors and has a sound network of RR facilities and partnerships.

Similarly in the medical industry radioisotopes are used for numerous types of diagnostic and treatment procedures. ENCO has been visibly involved in this segment of the industry from the perspective of drafting regulations for radiation protection, training of medical staff all the way to procurement of equipment and security in order to improve practices in this field.


  • Radiation safety and security assessments for RR, medical and industrial facilities
  • NORM
  • Legislation and regulation development and alignment with EU
  • Development of radiation protection procedures
  • Radiation protection training
  • Emergency preparedness

ENCO uses its specific knowledge to ensure that many EU acceding countries are brought to the EU Acquis level and reflect international best standards in terms of radiation protection. Although ENCO has been operating in this field only for the last decade, it has already become a household name working on various projects in the area for a series of different countries.