An important area of ENCO’s activity was and continues to be highly dedicated safety services for nuclear power plants, in all elements of their life cycle.  This includes support to planning ( e.g. feasibility studies, due diligence and LESSA evaluations), siting (site selection and site characterization), design (safety evaluation, verification and  assessments) to operations (monitoring, periodic safety reviews, OPEX, safety modification assessments, planning and implementation including lifetime extension)  to decommissioning planning and waste management. ENCO’s expertise covers licensing support and assessments in all of the phases.

ENCO has a strong experience in supporting NEPIOs in countries considering or preparing to construct nuclear power plants. Being completely independent from any governments and/or vendors, ENCO offers fully objective and technologically perfected solutions tailored to the best interest of the client. Furthermore, ENCO’s staff are experienced in a range of reactor technologies (include some of the novel SMR designs) having worked on various evaluations of elements of these technologies including e.g. review of proposed designs against IAEA standards or EUR requirements. ENCO is in a prime position to support newcomers on a variety of key disciplines needed for an effective introduction of a nuclear power programme.

As a parallel activity, ENCO specializes in the enhancement of national regulatory functions. The experience in this area ranges from development of countries’ “atomic laws”, over to specific regulation and regulatory guides, to the development of procedures and arrangements for regulatory oversight. ENCO specializes in variety of related areas including the transposition of the EU Acquis into regulations of the EU MS and third countries, supporting the accession to international conventions, arrangements for nuclear liability as well as the development of regulatory strategy and implementation plans. As a separate activity ENCO provides training for the regulatory staff and its technical support organizations.

The event at Fukushima, yet again, highlighted the paramount need for thorough safety assessments and continuous monitoring in order to ensure smooth and safe operation. ENCO has gained extensive experience in undertaking the assessment within the Post Fukushima stress test, proposing and evaluating safety modifications and estimating their safety impact. ENCO’s staff participated in the EU wide Peer Review of the Stress Tests, and evaluated the completeness and the range of safety improvements proposed.


  • Full scope safety evaluations (DSA, PSA, PSR, etc.)
  • Design & operational safety assessments
  • Planning and implementing of safety modifications, including Life extension
  • Safety culture assessment and training
  • Licensing support
  • Human resources planning and development
  • Infrastructure needs/readiness assessment
  • Safety audits
  • Regulatory oversight

ENCO relies on extensive experience of its staff and consultants including designers, operators, and technical experts to provide customized solutions whilst transferring ownership of the results. With actual project experience related with nuclear facilities on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa), ENCO has proven capabilities of working worldwide.