Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear

Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear is a term that is being used ever more often outside the military and defense arena. Governments, international agencies and even local municipalities and businesses are increasingly aware of the implications CBRN (man-made or natural) threats could have on local and transnational communities.

Hence, in the last half decade there has been an exponential rise in projects surrounding the CBRN area. Support, training, equipment and regulatory aspects of CBRN are being scrutinized and an increased presence of tightened measures to mitigate risks arising from CBRN are being formulated in terms of various projects, regulations, Directives etc.


  • National needs assessments
  • Evaluation of relevant CBRN projects
  • Human resources development
  • Targeted CBRN training
  • National CBRN action plans
  • CBRN Terms of Reference and Technical Specifications

ENCO, has, for the past several years been highly involved in CBRN related projects. The firm’s resources have been amply developed in this field. ENCO, being historically a nuclear related organization, has always had the finest expertise in R and N. Keeping up with the market we have significantly developed our C and B capabilities employing leading experts in the field. ENCO is able to provide the most holistic CBRN expertise whilst having a strategic, management and sustainable focus. The sustainability of CBRN related projects is of utmost importance; hence, ENCO makes all efforts to place its expertise so as to ensure long term benefits and capabilities are delivered to the clients.