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Our range of activities covers siting, feasibility, construction and operation for all of the fuel cycle facilities, transport, radioactive waste management and environmental safety. In this context we have developed a broad experience in deterministic and probabilistic safety analysis, risk management, and the whole spectrum of issues concerning regulation and licensing. Along the way we have also created a number of specialist safety management tools which are available for wider application. We also provide training to support the use of these tools and other specialist systems that we have helped to install. In recent years we have expanded our profile of activities to include management consulting, project management, security, CBRN, radiation protection and safeguards.

Over the years we have established working relationships with many high caliber nuclear professionals throughout Europe and beyond (Asia and the Americas) whose combined know how covers all contemporary nuclear technologies. We are, thus, able to draw upon their technical knowledge and managerial skills in order to meet the needs of our customers. In this context we can provide expertise over the whole spectrum of nuclear and radiological safety and security, including CBRN, and have the capability to work in many languages. 

This website is intended as an introduction to the work and capacities of ENCO. We hope it will be of interest to potential clients whose needs for professional assistance match the range of our skills and services, as well as for potential collaborators who may be interested in creating working partnerships with us on future projects.

Enco History

ENCO was founded in 1994 by former leading experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). From its initiation, ENCO provided its services in the field of nuclear safety, nuclear operation and technical support. Among the clients are operators, regulators, power plant designers/vendors, utilities and international organizations with interest in promoting and assuring the safe and secure utilization of nuclear power and radioactive isotopes for peaceful purposes. ENCO also provides advisory and project management services to international institutions supporting nuclear safety and security improvements in Europe and around the world.

In spite of its growth and expansion of services, ENCO has stayed true to its roots, ensuring that all clients’ needs are met and exceeded on every project regardless of its size or caliber. Today, ENCO is a highly specialized boutique consultancy. These are the factors that make ENCO unique in its insights and offers.

ENCO's strengths

  • Completely independent from vendors and governments
  • Customer oriented, while offering cutting edge solutions
  • Resourceful, efficient and innovative
  • Flexible, constantly evolving and developing its expertise and capabilities
  • Rigorous management system, ISO 9001 certified since 1997
  • QA system compliant with Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA1) in accordance with the US 10 CFR 50
  • Environmental Quality certification ISO 14001:2004

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